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Announcing PRIMA's 2021 Virtual General Session Line-Up!

Dr. Willie Jolley 

How to Be Unstoppable: Leadership & Achievement 

Monday, June 14

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Dr. Willie Jolley believes leadership is an action not a position! He reminds us that great leaders always focus on the possibilities rather than the challenges! Great leaders are willing to do whatever is necessary rather than doing what is comfortable! And leaders look to develop more leaders rather than more followers!
Dr. Jolley takes you on a memorable roller coaster ride of why you must develop the leader within you and then gives you the steps for getting it done! It requires sweat equity, but so does anything that produces great achievement! Whether you are an association executive, sales professional, entrepreneur, business owner, or manager…you will experience growth and renewed enthusiasm for reaching and exceeding your goals!



Nancy Solari

Visualize Your Potential

Tuesday, June 15

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During this keynote, I will address how to navigate challenges and turn them into motivational growth opportunities. We look at pain points such as managing work-life balance, maintaining a positive mindset, and productivity. When working in a field requiring decision-making that impacts lives, it’s common to experience stress and burnout, so we discuss how to navigate these areas and overcome setbacks. Throughout the presentation, I will share tools for establishing and realizing goals to develop a more rewarding life purpose. This virtual experience will have a rejuvenating effect, and give attendees a greater sense of dedication to their work and passion to serve. After hearing this presentation, the audience will leave feeling inspired, focused, and energized to Live Full Out!


Awards, Leadership Recognition and Annual Meeting 

Wednesday, June 16

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Join us as we honor PRIMA's volunteer leadership, individuals and entities that have excelled in their profession. 
• Public Risk Manager of the Year Award 
• Outstanding Achievement for a Public Risk Management Program
• Outstanding Achievement for an Intergovernmental Risk Pool
Program or Product
• Outstanding Achievement for an Enterprise Risk
Management Program
• PRIMA Chapter Recognition Award


Avish Parashar 

Ding Happens! How to Improvise, Adapt, and Innovate in an Ever-Changing World!

Wednesday, June 16

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Anyone can perform well when everything goes right. The real test of you and your organization is how you react when things go wrong - and they will! These make-or-break moments are the "Dings!" of life. Handle them well and you come out looking like a rock star. Handle them poorly and you can end up adding unnecessary stress, difficulty, and complication to your life.
This hilarious and energetic program will show you how to stop fearing and hating change and how to use the power of improv comedy to improvise, adapt, and innovate - no matter what happens!
If things go 100% as planned for you every time, then you can skip this session; otherwise, attend and learn how to reflexively respond to the unexpected in a way that reduces stress, improves productivity, and gives you the skills to manage change.

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