PRIMA’s Annual Conference education sessions share best practices and cover timely topics impacting today's public risk manager. The education content varies from risk management basics to emerging trends in the profession. Education sessions are offered as 30-minute cram sessions and traditional 1.25 hour classroom sessions. 

See below for a sneak peek at the 2023 education sessions in Long Beach!

Advanced Risk Management Adminstration

• A Unique Approach to a Captive in the Public Sector
• Creating Value through Enterprise Risk Management
• Future Trend Challenges You Might Not Anticipate
• Local Government Goes to Washington: Supreme Court Cases Affecting Local Government Entities and Officials
• Measuring the Effectiveness of Risk Mitigation Strategies
• Teamwork Makes the Cyber Risk Dream Work
• When Crisis Hits Your City
• Wholistic Cyber Risk Management
• Your Black Swan Is Someone Else’s Gray Rhino

Basic Risk Management Administration

• Award-Winning Ideas and Lessons from PRMYs
• Building a Culture of Risk Management
• Demystifying Actuarial Reports: A Non-Technical Approach to Understanding Your Claims Experience
• Enhance your Organization’s Risk Management Diet with ERM Vitamins!
•Navigating the Changing Landscape of Law Enforcement Liability
• Shining A Light: How to Hire and Compensate Your Broker While Guaranteeing Full Transparency
• State of the Market and Risk Mitigation Solutions for Public Entities
• Why Do Bad Things Keep Happening?

Employee Benefits/Human Resources

• Being More Emotionally Intelligent: Improving Relationships & Reducing Stress
• Catching Zzzzzzzz’s and the Workplace
• Developing Next Gen for Risk & Insurance Careers
• Managing Risk in Employee Benefit Plans
• Putting a Plug in the Brain Drain: Employee Retention
• Solve Harassment, Bullying, & Aggression at Work: A Few Case Studies
• What's Your Point: Communicating for Greater Influence
• Your Role in Creating a Workplace Culture of Civility and Respect

General Liability/Auto

• Don’t Manage Vendors: Elevate Strategic Partners
• Employment Practices: You Have Headaches? We Have Solutions
• Going the Distance: Fleet Management for Public Entities
• The Basics of Accident Reconstruction and Evidence Preservation
• What’s Next for Qualified Immunity?
• When Tweets Go Too Far: Public Employees and the First Amendment
• Why Are You Afraid to REALLY Address Distracted Driving? 


• A Practical Approach to Contractual Risk Transfer
•A Primer on Certificates of Insurance: It's All in the Details!
• Cyber Coverage: Congratulations, You Have It…But Do You Know How to Use It?
• Don't Pay Twice! Indemnification, Contractual Liability & Additional Insured
• Property and Casualty Pricing for 2024 
• Pool Information Exchange
• Risk Manager and Broker: They Are Best Friends!
• Social Inflation: Resurgence, Measurement and Mitigation Strategies
• Take the Dive: Risk Pools v. Private Insurance

Risk Control 

• Armed or Unarmed Educators: The Debate Intensifies
• Fundamentals of Risk Management for Law Enforcement
• Liability for Police Encounters with Citizens with Physical and Mental Disabilities
• Employee Wellness & Engagement: How to Increase Productivity, Prevent Burnout and       Retain Top Talent.
•ERM Roundtable
• Police Body Worn Camera Video Review as a Risk Management Tool
• Preventing the Crisis in Law Enforcement
• Sexual Misconduct Allegations: An Ever-Changing Legal Landscape
• What is MFA and is it Really THAT important

Workers’ Compensation

•Accident Investigation in the Workplace
•Addressing Public Entities Biggest Workers’ Compensation Challenges
• Establishing a Whole Person Recovery Mindset in Workers' Compensation
• Harnessing the Injured Worker’s Influence on Claim Outcomes
• Having Fun with Culture Development
• How Claims Strategies Can Elevate Your Organizational Reputation and Visibility Within the Community
• The Key Components of a Successful Return to Work Program
• Understanding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and How Best to Manage It
• Using AI/Machine Learning to Predict Medical Exposure for Claims

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