A highlight of PRIMA's Annual Conference, is the high quality of the education sessions. While the format is different, the benefit of engaging and forward-thinking educational content remains the same. PRIMA’s 2021 Virtual Annual Conference will feature dynamic education sessions focused on public risk management fundamentals as well as emerging trends within the profession. 

Join us online for access to over 50 virtual education sessions. Attendees will gain industry insight, learn public risk management best practices and have an opportunity to chat with subject matter experts. Sessions are organized by the following tracks (click on the track title to view the list of corresponding sessions):

Advanced Risk Management Adminstration

• Building an Organization Wide Diversity & Inclusion Plan
• But I Have Tort Caps and Immunities, Right?
• COVID and Litigation Against Public Health Agencies
• Risk Management: Use of Force Realities
• Spreading the Vision – The HOW of Communicating the WHY
• Starting an Enterprise Risk Management Program from Scratch: A Case Study
• The Curse of Critical Incident Stress


Basic Risk Management Administration

• Actuarial Pricing Models ERM Implementation Training Case Study
• Excessive Force Cases:  A Deeper Look at the Future of Law Enforcement Policy 
• The Wild, Wild West of Succession Planning: Your People, Your Board, and the Law
• Unforced Errors: Cognitive Psychology for Risk Managers
• Why Did THAT Happen? Understanding Root Causes
• Zap the Generational Gap

Employee Benefits/Human Resources

• Culture Magic For Teams: Strategies for Frontline Leaders To Get Results
• Emboldened Speech from Behind the Mask: Understanding a Public Employer’s Right to Limit Speech When Employees Go Too Far
• Embracing an Atmosphere of Accountability
• Employment Practices Liability – Managing Your Risk
• Understanding Claims and Utilization Data in Employee Benefit Programs

General Liability/Auto

• “Driving” a Risk Management Program for Your Public Fleet Operations
• Cyber Security Awareness & Best Practices for Public Entities
• Ryuks & Mazes & Ekans, Oh My!
• Should Your Entity Purchase UM/UIM Coverage?
• The Effective Use of Life Care Planners to Defend Personal Injury Cases
• Transportation is Advancing Rapidly, Will Risk Managers Keep Up the Pace?


• Assessing Truthfulness: Lie Detection 101 for Claims Managers
• Avoiding Financial Disaster From a Pandemic and Beyond
• Contract Review: Understanding Hidden Costs in Healthcare
• FEMA: Use It or Lose It!
• Pool Information Exchange
• The Hardening Market: Challenges Public Entities Face
• Who Foots the Bill for Police Misconduct? Strategies for Managing Indemnity Risk

Risk Control

• A Risk Management Viewpoint: Role of Police Best Practices in Preventing Claims
 Emerging from Disruption: Leveraging ERM to Drive Meaningful Change
• How Qualified Immunity Has Changed Since the Video of George Floyd’s Death Transformed Police Reform
Mystical Magic in Managing Claims
• Reducing Jail Risks Through Improved Risk Management Engagement
• Who's Driving Your Safety Culture?

Workers’ Compensation

• A Recipe for Success: Integrating Predictive Models Into Your Claim Handling Process
• Cancer Presumption: A Medical & Legal Approach
• Claims Management Key Performance Indicators: How Do You Measure the Effectiveness of Your Claims Operation?
• Innovative Investigative Strategies for the Modern Employer
• Non-Pharmacological Alternatives to Opioid Medications
•The ADA, FMLA and Workers’ Compensation Law: Ensuring Successful Passage Through the Employer’s “Bermuda Triangle”
•Threats and Opportunities: The Future of Workers’ Compensation Systems


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