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Monday, June 5

Randy Anderson: The Twelve Rules for Pursuing Personal Excellence
Sponsored by Travelers.

How many of your team members are simply going through the motions, rather than “going the extra mile”? Employee engagement is the first step to improving productivity, customer service, safety, and employee retention. Most organizations believe that more (technical) training is the best way to increase productivity and improve results. Until their heart is in it, however, no amount of training will help a disengaged employee. This presentation will challenge you to be a model of the type of work necessary for sustained success, and will show you a strategy to cultivate an atmosphere that will effectively reengage your people.

Tuesday, June 6

Bob Kolasky: The Power Grid
Sponsored by Travelers.

Bob Kolasky was appointed as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Infrastructure Protection on June 15, 2015. As Deputy, he assists the Assistant Secretary in leading the coordinated national efforts to reduce the risk to the nation’s critical infrastructures posed by acts of terrorism, and to strengthen national preparedness, timely response, and rapid recovery in the event of an attack, natural disaster, or other emergency.

During this presentation, Kolasky will describe the current evolving threat to the Power Grid. Attendees will learn about initiatives designed to ensure Power Grid Resilience. 

Wednesday, June 7

Ed Hochuli: Is This Pop Warner, or the Super Bowl….The Average Joe Principal
Sponsored by Midwest Employers Casualty Company.

By the very definition of the word "Average", most people are either average or below average. However, Ed believes that instead, anyone can be highly successful, if they follow a few simple principles. In this very entertaining and enlightening presentation, Ed sums up the secret to his success in what he calls "The Average Joe Principle". His presentation includes anecdotes and a variety of video clips from his long career in the NFL. It provides his tips and beliefs on the secrets to being successful at whatever job or avocation one takes on.

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