Education Sessions

PRIMA 2017 offers three distinct session types: 30-minute cram sessions, 2.5 hour in-depth workshops, and our traditional 1.25 hour classroom sessions that provide educational opportunities for public sector risk management professionals.

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The PRIMA 2017 session are organized into eight tracks:

Employee benefits/human resources

  • Developing Strategies for Transgender Employees and Clients
  • Amendments to the Americans With Disabilities Act: Implications for Public Entities
  • Revolutionizing Healthcare - Worksite Health and Wellness Center
  • Integrated Disability Management and Absence Tracking Programs
  • Your Employee Has Blown the Whistle: Now What Do You Do?
  • Navigating the Risks in Group Health Benefits

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Enterprise Risk Management

  • ERM 57: Enterprise Risk Management Exam Review
  • The Challenge of Change
  • ERM Roundtable
  • Risk-Informed Decision Making for You and Your Entity
  • ERM: A Case Study with Practical Application
  • How ERM Enables Successful Execution of Strategy

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Pools AGRiP

  • Pool Management; What Makes It Work?
  • Predictable Is Preventable: Understanding Real Risk Management
  • Jail Risk Operations - Red Flags and Mitigation Strategies
  • Drones Beginning to Crowd an Entity's Airspace


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Risk and Benefits Financing/Insurance/Self-Insurance

  • Think Like An Actuary!
  • Claim Investigation and Preservation
  • Protection from Financial Risk: Target Funding Approach
  • Business Interruption for Public Entities!
  • Understanding the Impact of Health Care Reform Now and in the Future
  • Loss Forecasting 101: For the Do-It-Yourselfer

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Risk Control/Safety  

  • Do You Pay or Do You Pay Big?... Risk Management for Public Fleet Operations
  • Perception is Reality OR Is Reality Truly Perceived? Media Coverage and Police Brutality Cases
  • Developing a Municipal Threat Assessment Program/Plan Lessons Learned
  • Aging Infrastructure, Weather Events, Climate Change - A Crisis
  • Managing Distracted Driving in Law Enforcement
  • Do We Need to Keep This?: Understanding Spoliation of Evidence
  • The Weakest [Cyber] Link: Preventing and Managing Losses Caused by Employees
  • A Training Tool for Safety Professionals

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Risk Management Leadership/Administration

  • Selling Risk / Top Down and Bottom Up
  • Penetrating the Cone of Silence / Police & Fire
  • Understanding and Managing Reputation Risk
  • Engaging Your Community: Addressing Your Risk Exposures
  • People of ACTION Don't Have Time to THINK
  • Successfully Implementing Change as New Risk Manager
  • Contractual Risk Transfer-The Phoenix Effect
  • Lessons From Black Swans and Other Odd Ducks
  • Emerging Trends-Public Risk Manager Panel Discussion

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  • Beyond the ABC's: Addressing Sexual Misconduct and Bullying in Schools
  • Essential Elements of School Risk Control Programs
  • Lessons Learned from Maricopa's Cyber Event
  • Social Media and Kids: Identifying and Prevent Risks for Schools and Programs for Minors
  • Emerging Risk for Public Schools: Risk, Coverage and Opportunities

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Workers' Compensation

  • How Advocacy Impacts Claims Management Today
  • Deceit and Fraud Detection Strategies
  • Before-During-After - An Effective RTW Program
  • Addressing Municipalities' Biggest Workers' Compensation Challenges
  • Opioids: When Enough Becomes Too Much
  • Write Your Own Success Story
  • The Psychological Impact of Trauma, And The Road Back
  • Risk Management Moneyball - The WC Algorithm You Should Know


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